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Posted by – February 26, 2010

©Ruth Landesa. Loviisa, Finland.

Architecture and design studio TAF

Posted by – February 25, 2010

Gabriella Gustafson and  Mattias Ståhlbom run, from  2002 the  architecture and design studio TAF, in Stockholm , Sweden. TAF’s aim is to make ordinary life less ordinary through subtle but effective changes in how products and architecture appear and function.

Here below some photos of their work





Fhotos from  TAF.


parcels in recycled materials

Posted by – February 23, 2010

Here below some photos of a couple of parcels I wrapped in recycled materials (papers hand painted).







Finnish Designer Awards 2010

Posted by – February 19, 2010

Here I go with the awarded Finnish designers this year!

The Association of professional graphic designers, Grafia, and Finnish Association of Designers, Ornamo, award six distinguished designers annually.This year the selected designers are:

-Industrial Designer of the Year 2010: Arni Aromaa & Sauli Suomela, both founders of the company Pentagog Design that operates within the fields of product design, strategic design and concept design.


,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Jug by Pentagon Design. Photo from Pendagon Design.

-Ceramic Artist of the Year 2010:Kirsi Kivivirta She has participated in numerous exhibitions and workshops in Finland and abroad. Kivivirta also makes unique ceramic decorative tiles and seats on commission. Her prominent brick wall mural ‘Walls Talking Walls’ is constructed to a block of flats in Arabianranta, Helsinki.

-Fashion Designer of the Year 2010: Kia Koski specialised in sports and leisure wear she design clothes for the Scandinavian climate. She has worked in the Finnish Fashion Industry since the early 1980’s.

-Graphic Designer of the Year 2010 :Sami Kortemäki, founder together with Akiem Helmling and Bas Jacobs one of the world’s most famous independent
font design companies: Underware.

-Textile Artist of the Year 2010: Aino Kajaniemi His tapestries have been exhibited in numerous Finnish and international exhibitions. They have been bought for private and public spaces as for example church textiles. The motifs closely reflect the moods, feelings and situations linked to people’s lives.

-Furniture Designer of the Year 2010 Timo Ripatti. Interior Architect that also got the 2009 Furniture Award for the design of ELLIPSI chair awarded by the Association of Interior Architects SIO.
Elippsi chair, by Timo Rippati, Foto from Ornamo.

The  Finnish Designer Awards Event also includes an annual publication and an international touring exhibition.
From the 15th of January  2010 to the 21st of February 2010  the Finnish Designer Awards 2010 at Design Forum Finland in Helsinki.


Visiting Ruotsinpyhtää, Loviisa.

Posted by – February 17, 2010

Last weekend I was visiting Ruotsinpyhtää (Strömfors in Swedish) one on my favorite places.

It was cold and gray….




I hope  a can take better pictures next time..


Photographer – Jenny Brandt

Posted by – February 15, 2010

Today my post shows some photos the Swedish photographer Jenny Brandt took at her friends place who moved from Stockholm to Ystad.

They completely renovate the house, a 300 years old in a really bad condition, to make their home.

All photos are from  Dos Family blog that Jenny writes with her friend Isabelle.

Photos from Dos Family  courtesy Jenny Brandt.


Winter Raspberries

Posted by – February 14, 2010


Frozen raspberries… (pakastevadelmia)


Stockholm Design Week 2010

Posted by – February 11, 2010

This week is the Stockholm Design Week 2010 with lots of events and exhibits in the city as well as two important fairs: The Stockholm Furniture Fair and Northern Light Fair. It is a huge celebration of Design!!day and night!

Here some of my favorites participating in the events :

Massproductions, a Stockholm based furniture company built on a long lasting collaboration between designers Magnus Elebäck and Chris Marti,

photo from Massproduction. The Harry Stool.

Hanna Korverla Design,  here below a photo of the ENCORE3 carpet

Photo from Hanna Kovela Designs

Fulo, cooperative trademark of designers with sophisticated storage systems as shown in the image below.

Photo from Fulo.

Johan Lindstén, Alex Gunnarsson, Asshoff & Brogård, Studio Yra, Johan Lindstén designers of the Check In exhibition, &tradition and Artek which starts to celebrate its 75th anniversary in this Design Week with the opening of a new showroom in the city.

A2 designers

Posted by – February 10, 2010

Looking for some info on the Stockholm Furniture Fair, that is being celebrated these days, as well as the Stockholm Design Week 2010, I have found the Swedish design company A2 designers managed by designer Sara Larsson. The company launched last year their own furniture brand, A2, with creative and unique objects produced by skilled craftsmen in Småland, Sweden.

here some photos of their A2 :



all photos are from A2 designers

Finnish designs at the table

Posted by – February 8, 2010

In absolutely all Finnish tables I have sat at to eat , to have a coffee, I have found some of the traditional Finnish firms designs, and the true is that Finnish love and appreciate overall what they do.

tableware is normally from  Arabia Finland or Pentik,

©Ruth Landesa. Plates from Arabia Finland. modern and old version..

glassware from Ittala,

©Ruth Landesa. Beer jars from Ittala, designed by Tapio Wirkkala.

Pentik has also glassware…

©Ruth Landesa.Glasses from Pentik.

cutlery is usually from Hackman and what is never missing is the “Marimekko Marybowl” from Ittala.

©Ruth Landesa.Marimekko Marybowl” from Ittala.



Posted by – February 5, 2010

©Ruth Landesa.Loviisa, Finland.
©Ruth Landesa.Loviisa, Finland.
©Ruth Landesa.Loviisa, Finland.

Nordic Interior decoration photographers – Mari Eriksson

Posted by – February 3, 2010

Today msome interior decoration photos by Mari Eriksson, a lifestyle photographer focusing in interior decoration, food and gardening. She also writes a nice blog about rustic decoration, flea market findings … : An Angel at my Table. (In Swedish language , I use google translator to read it)

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Phtoto  courtesy Mari Eriksson.



………….Photo courtesy Mari Eriksson.


………….Photo courtesy Mari Eriksson.


………….Photo courtesy Mari Eriksson.

These photos are from her web page and her blog.

Jenni Rope

Posted by – February 1, 2010

I was few weeks ago when I had the chance to browse Jenni Rope‘s “Pallopostia” (“Round Letters” in the english version), I was impressed.. it’s just the perfect combination between writing and art..  wonderful!

The book has been published by Napa books (independent publishing house Jenni founded along with Nappa Gallery & Shop).



Images of Pallopostia, courtesy Jenni Rope.

Jenni Rope, artist with an active curriculum, works in Helsinki. Drawings, paintings, collage, books… She also has done many record cover designs and animation videos for bands and she occasionally  makes illustrations for the Napa Illustrations Agency ……

Her works have been exhibited in Finland and abroad: Co-prosperity Sphere, Chicago, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Adam Baumgold Gallery, New York… and from the 24th of January to the 6th of March her exhibition My Forest” is at Bongout Gallery, Berlín.Then, it goes to Tokyo.

Ilustration for Nappa Illustrations Agency. Image courtesy Jenni Rope.


Jenni Rope, artist with an active curriculum, works in Helsinki. Drawings, paintings, collage, books… She also has done many record cover designs and animation videos for bands and she occasionally  makes illustrations for the Napa Illustrations Agency ……
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