In the Kitchen..Ahhh!!!

Posted by – March 9, 2011

Yesterday I was visiting good  friends.. they warm the kitchen with an old beautiful stove….

Drawing ” The Old Stove”  ( La Cocina)

Ahhhh!!! I love  “kitchen life”, kitchen textiles, kitchen utensils, cooking , having breakfast in the kitchen …..  kitchens…

some links to some kitchens I like:

This one at  Mikkel Adsbol ´s studio in Copenhagen( he is wonderful  photographer.. ) this one, at Paula Leen´s home/studio, I have found both of them at  Emmas design blogg that I recommend you to visit if you like Scandinavian design and decoration …(.Here at same blog another wonderful studio, this one is Alexander Gnädinger´s  A great German photographer.. )

This one I found at Decor8. And this and  this one from  An Angel at My Table... blogged by the Swedish photographer Mari Eriksson

And….huge thanks for the nice words on my graphics for  They Draw & Cook you have e-mailed me!!!!

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