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In the Kitchen..Ahhh!!!

Posted by – March 9, 2011

Yesterday I was visiting good  friends.. they warm the kitchen with an old beautiful stove….

Drawing ” The Old Stove”  ( La Cocina)

Ahhhh!!! I love  “kitchen life”, kitchen textiles, kitchen utensils, cooking , having breakfast in the kitchen …..  kitchens…

some links to some kitchens I like:

This one at  Mikkel Adsbol ´s studio in Copenhagen( he is wonderful  photographer.. ) this one, at Paula Leen´s home/studio, I have found both of them at  Emmas design blogg that I recommend you to visit if you like Scandinavian design and decoration …(.Here at same blog another wonderful studio, this one is Alexander Gnädinger´s  A great German photographer.. )

This one I found at Decor8. And this and  this one from  An Angel at My Table... blogged by the Swedish photographer Mari Eriksson

And….huge thanks for the nice words on my graphics for  They Draw & Cook you have e-mailed me!!!!

Winter Color Inspiration

Posted by – February 27, 2011

A piece of mine . A small wooden pendant hand painted

And  .. along with the links to my  web and to my small  on-line store, some other links I like:

The website of Eduardo Armada a great Galician photographer. Among his beautiful pics you will find some of Marta Armada,´s  jewellery pieces which  I really love.  I have already posted about her work  here.

…and  the website of Isabel Muñoz a photographer from Catalonia  and  Goldenink ´s with the amazing handmade ceramic jewellery designed and made by  Katherine Wheeler and Abby Seymour .


Sweet Weekend!

Posted by – February 25, 2011

Have a sweet weekend!! I´m rather having and “antibiotic” one….  it has been maybe too cold for me…

and …take a look at  La Porte Rouge …..a nice blog full of beautiful photos and words…



Monday Breakfast

Posted by – February 22, 2011

yeap!!..with the Spanish newspaper “El País”… Tom gives it to me when he buys it.

Today´s link… Muffin Monday: Lemon a recipe  from the very popular cooking, photography and styling blog Tartelette, written by Helene Dujardin, her photography and styling  portfolio here…..and a couple of recipes from my blog chocolate muffins and Berry yogourt muffins.




Nice Weekend!!!

Posted by – February 11, 2011

Have a warm and sweet weekend!!!

I leave you  with a couple of links I like:  The portfolios of the Swedish photographers  Magnus Mardin (interio, fashion , Lifestyle ) and Idha Lindhag (interio, portrait, Lifestyle..)



Helsinki, Fall Reeds

Posted by – October 28, 2010


Along with the photo here an amazing link to some works of  Andy Goldsworthy . He is a British artist..sculptor, photographer and environmentalist who produces site-specific sculpture and Land art.

Marta( Marta Armada)  sent me the link. Marta is a wonderful Spanish jewellery designer whose web, that is also amazing, you can visit here.

Töölölahti, Helsinki, Finland



Weekend Plans

Posted by – October 8, 2010


Tonight : Lovisa’s Pecha Kucha Night interesting and surely fun.. in this issue, along with friends Kati Rapia, Mari Savio and Timo Virtala ,  Maria Ahonen and  Minna Metsärinne.

On Sunday:  Fleamarket ” Alman Kirppis” in its Autumn edition.


and maybe a supermarket plan would be great..  breakfast needs a color..

Have a nice weekend!


Flowers on the table

Posted by – June 9, 2010

I have recently met Renata , glass artist, and  Christian , photographer. We shared common friends, table and these flowers …

©Foto Ruth Landesa.

“Maja” by Mari Savio and Kati Rapia

Posted by – May 4, 2010

I post again about a book by my friends Mari and Kati. Now is the turn of  “Maja”,  inspiration for the whole family to create the fantasy worlds.

“Maja” gives instructions and  good  ideas on how to create new and funny stuffs for children using and recycling what we have home. It also gives some seeds of ideas for decorating the “Imagination room”, the children’s own room.

“Maja” has been selected to the Finest Finnish Books 2008 collection by the Finnish Book Arts Committee.

The Graphic design, illustration, jacket and binding design of the book .. by Jussi Karjalainen.

Photos  courtesy the photographer.Kati Rapia,

Eeva Kangas, photographer and grafphic designer

Posted by – April 22, 2010

Today the pictures are from a portfolio of a great friend of mine Eeva. She is a Finnish photographer and graphic designer who works as a freelance for various magazines and publications.  (A few days ago I was fortunate to collaborate with her on a photo shoot for a magazine …. a lot of fun! )

And, although we’re already in spring, I want to include here one of her “winter photos” that I love “Jukka” …. How to leave it behind, right?



Fotos courtesy Eeva Kangas.

Photographer Pia Ulin

Posted by – April 17, 2010

Today I post some photos by the top Swedish photographer  Pia Ulin. You may know her works from  magazines as:  Elle Interiör, Elle Decoration, Residence, Family living ,  to mention any of them, .. or from any advertising campaigns :  Nokia, H &M, Hemtex, Ikea, Mio Furniture…..

Photos Pia Ulin, Stylist Lotta Agaton.

A couple of links to the  web pages Pia loves: NollImages and Viewmasters of Helsinki.

“Juju” by Mari Savio and Kati Rapia

Posted by – March 17, 2010

I post today some wonderful photos from my friends Mari Savio and Kati Rapia’s Juju book…. Juju’s clothes adventure in a greenhouse and a secret garden…The book is full of inspiration and holds instructions for making unique children clothes from new or recycled fabrics and accessories.

Designs are by Mari, designer, and pictures (made with collage technique) by Kati, photographer, illustrator and writer.

Pictures from “Juju” book , courtesy Kati and Mari.

Photographer – Jenny Brandt

Posted by – February 15, 2010

Today my post shows some photos the Swedish photographer Jenny Brandt took at her friends place who moved from Stockholm to Ystad.

They completely renovate the house, a 300 years old in a really bad condition, to make their home.

All photos are from  Dos Family blog that Jenny writes with her friend Isabelle.

Photos from Dos Family  courtesy Jenny Brandt.


Nordic Interior decoration photographers – Mari Eriksson

Posted by – February 3, 2010

Today msome interior decoration photos by Mari Eriksson, a lifestyle photographer focusing in interior decoration, food and gardening. She also writes a nice blog about rustic decoration, flea market findings … : An Angel at my Table. (In Swedish language , I use google translator to read it)

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Phtoto  courtesy Mari Eriksson.



………….Photo courtesy Mari Eriksson.


………….Photo courtesy Mari Eriksson.


………….Photo courtesy Mari Eriksson.

These photos are from her web page and her blog.

Interior decoration photographer – Elisabeth Aarhus Hudson

Posted by – January 10, 2010

Here I go with some wonderful photos by the Norwegian writer and photographer Elisabeth Aarhus Hudson. Her works for, among others,  Elle Interiør, Design Interiør and  Maison.

More photos in her blog  Inspirational Spaces

Foto courtesy Elisabeth Aarhus Hudson.
Foto courtesy Elisabeth Aarhus Hudson .
Photo courtesy  Elisabeth Aarhus Hudson .

Other photographers:

Martin Dyrløv, Jonas Ingerstedt, Martti Järvi, Stellan Herner.


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