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Some Things I liked this Week

Posted by – March 11, 2011

-The blue  color of the wall on the pic

- That a new illustration of mine has been published by  “They Draw & Cook”

- this illustration collaboration between -Ana Ventura and Camilla Engman

-these ceramics

-and …the blog  Road Trip in Finland about Finnish design

Have a nice weekend!!!

Here it is snowing … a lot!!!!


Winter Color Inspiration

Posted by – February 27, 2011

A piece of mine . A small wooden pendant hand painted

And  .. along with the links to my  web and to my small  on-line store, some other links I like:

The website of Eduardo Armada a great Galician photographer. Among his beautiful pics you will find some of Marta Armada,´s  jewellery pieces which  I really love.  I have already posted about her work  here.

…and  the website of Isabel Muñoz a photographer from Catalonia  and  Goldenink ´s with the amazing handmade ceramic jewellery designed and made by  Katherine Wheeler and Abby Seymour .


Moomin “Family”

Posted by – January 14, 2011

As promised.. another  Moomin mug. At Sara´s beautiful apartment in Copenhagen here you will find  a  wonderful set of them. Pics are from the Swedish photographer Jenny Brandt for Dos Family.

Moomin mug, from Arabia Finland.

Another great blog to visit…. konfettiform decoration, design and inspiration…

Have a nice weekend!!


Christmas Delicacies- Marinated Salmon

Posted by – December 29, 2010


I have prepared marinated salmon again…. and I have just found a couple of great cooking blogs Cafe Fernando and  David lebovitz , I visited  them thanks to Devil’s Food Cake with Whipped Biscoff Ganache and Chocolate Shards recipe I found at Design Sponge.

Another  nice cooking blog, this one,  in Spanish : El Aderezo

The ceramic plate in the photo is from Sargadelos.



Helsinki, Fall Reeds

Posted by – October 28, 2010


Along with the photo here an amazing link to some works of  Andy Goldsworthy . He is a British artist..sculptor, photographer and environmentalist who produces site-specific sculpture and Land art.

Marta( Marta Armada)  sent me the link. Marta is a wonderful Spanish jewellery designer whose web, that is also amazing, you can visit here.

Töölölahti, Helsinki, Finland



In Helsinki

Posted by – August 31, 2010

Helsinki, Finland

This last weekend was “The Design Market” in Helsinki, that is one of the most popular events of Helsinki Design Week. Some of the top names of design and fashion sold there:


CostoKirsi Nisonen, Lustwear, Asuna, You Complete Me, VitidesignSelki Fabrik, Surrur Sopiva Shop, Hankala, Arelalizza, Ovelia / Onnela DesignMinna Hepburn, Makia, Lax Creation / St. Vacant Footwear, Kipikude, Lumi Accessories, My O My, CTRL, SUPERYELLOW, Sanna Rinne, Globe HopeGoodis, Camilla Mikama Design, Kakara, KAKSITVÅ, Punainen Norsu, (trad.), Liike, Tiia Vanhatapio

Jewellery, Accessories etc.

Liina Lommi Felt Design, Onneli, Mondaine, Omstart, Noon Knit, EBBA, Pulu DesignNikolai Babitzin, Inni Pärnänen ja Galleria Koru, Terraviiva Moi Design, , Muovo, Nonodd, Pioni Design & Dunder Design,Kookygems,

Furniture, Textiles, Decor etc.

Zarro, Kola Design, Aero, Kauniste Finland, Skanno, Klo Design, Noon KnitEveryday Design, Sysimetsä Design, Verso Design, Kokko sekä Poni Design, Bruun Design, Tonfisk Design, Fokus FabrikLumi Design, Koolmat, ViveroSecto Design, Forme, Tunto Design, Showroom Finland, Vallila, Avarte, Kotonadesign, , KUI Design

Cake with Raspberries

Posted by – August 23, 2010

The blue mug belongs to he collection of Iittala  “Taika” designed by Klaus Haapaniemi (pattern) and Heikki Orvola (form)


Fiskars, Finland. Residence of artisans, designers and artists

Posted by – April 6, 2010

Today a post some pics of  the  beautiful Fiskars village Finland, well known because of the Fiskars factory , producing  scissors, knives and tools  (which are very popular in the country) and because of its peculiar population making the village one of the  most important centers of handicraft, art and design in Finland. And so it is that more than 100 creative professionals are permanent residents of the village that counts with an active   Cooperative of Artisans, Designers and Artists in Fiskars , Onoma, offering high-quality exhibitions in the village, presenting crafts, design and art all through the year. And there I was in Easter holiday, enjoying the place and the unique atmosphere.

Before you continue  reading, and not to forget it later, I absolutely recommend you to click here to get a little of the creative and beautiful atmosphere of the place.

© Ruth Landesa. Fiskars April 2010


© Ruth Landesa. Fiskars April 2010

My plan was perfect: Nice lunch at  restaurant Kuparipaja placed  in an old copper smithy,  visit in the same building to the wonderful exhibition “Finnish and Swedish Design and Art” and to the Kopper design shop full of finish and Fiskars designs : among others  from  Artek and  Fatboy

Then I visited Onoma Shop, placed at the beautiful  Clock Tower Building offering a good selection of the products manufactured by the members of the Cooperative: glass  Camilla Moberg, wood  Kari Virtanen, Markku Kosonen, Tuulia Penttilä, ceramic Karin Widnas, Nanna Bayer, clothing Sakata Rutsuko,  among others.

Clock Tower Building. Photo property Fiskars Corporation. Fotographer Kaius Hedenström

My next stop was at the  ” Workers’ tenements”  where I visited  jeweleries  Jalo, of  designer/maker Timo Mustajärvi , and  Sassi Design, from Sassi family.

and to finish my day, a coffee at Petris Chocolate Room!!!



Finnish Designer Awards 2010

Posted by – February 19, 2010

Here I go with the awarded Finnish designers this year!

The Association of professional graphic designers, Grafia, and Finnish Association of Designers, Ornamo, award six distinguished designers annually.This year the selected designers are:

-Industrial Designer of the Year 2010: Arni Aromaa & Sauli Suomela, both founders of the company Pentagog Design that operates within the fields of product design, strategic design and concept design.


,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Jug by Pentagon Design. Photo from Pendagon Design.

-Ceramic Artist of the Year 2010:Kirsi Kivivirta She has participated in numerous exhibitions and workshops in Finland and abroad. Kivivirta also makes unique ceramic decorative tiles and seats on commission. Her prominent brick wall mural ‘Walls Talking Walls’ is constructed to a block of flats in Arabianranta, Helsinki.

-Fashion Designer of the Year 2010: Kia Koski specialised in sports and leisure wear she design clothes for the Scandinavian climate. She has worked in the Finnish Fashion Industry since the early 1980’s.

-Graphic Designer of the Year 2010 :Sami Kortemäki, founder together with Akiem Helmling and Bas Jacobs one of the world’s most famous independent
font design companies: Underware.

-Textile Artist of the Year 2010: Aino Kajaniemi His tapestries have been exhibited in numerous Finnish and international exhibitions. They have been bought for private and public spaces as for example church textiles. The motifs closely reflect the moods, feelings and situations linked to people’s lives.

-Furniture Designer of the Year 2010 Timo Ripatti. Interior Architect that also got the 2009 Furniture Award for the design of ELLIPSI chair awarded by the Association of Interior Architects SIO.
Elippsi chair, by Timo Rippati, Foto from Ornamo.

The  Finnish Designer Awards Event also includes an annual publication and an international touring exhibition.
From the 15th of January  2010 to the 21st of February 2010  the Finnish Designer Awards 2010 at Design Forum Finland in Helsinki.


Finnish designs at the table

Posted by – February 8, 2010

In absolutely all Finnish tables I have sat at to eat , to have a coffee, I have found some of the traditional Finnish firms designs, and the true is that Finnish love and appreciate overall what they do.

tableware is normally from  Arabia Finland or Pentik,

©Ruth Landesa. Plates from Arabia Finland. modern and old version..

glassware from Ittala,

©Ruth Landesa. Beer jars from Ittala, designed by Tapio Wirkkala.

Pentik has also glassware…

©Ruth Landesa.Glasses from Pentik.

cutlery is usually from Hackman and what is never missing is the “Marimekko Marybowl” from Ittala.

©Ruth Landesa.Marimekko Marybowl” from Ittala.


Nordic design at Formex- Stockholm

Posted by – January 27, 2010

Last weekend , 21-24 of January, was held at Stockholm the Nordic Design fair – “Formex”, that, despite being held twice a year , usually around 15-30 January and 15-30 August,.has always a great number of visitors and exhibitors: design, handicrafts, folk arts, decorating, gifts….

Photo from the Stockholm International Fairs gallery. Handmade exhibition

In this spring edition, some interesting initiatives  : DESIGN Students, Creative Flow, that is the spring theme of the fair, and HAND Made, exhibition focusing on handicraft products unique to the Nordic region. The design of the items conveys a bit of their own history as well as a glimpse of the future. The exhibit created by designer Synnöve Mork together with K.H.V.C KonstHantWerksCentrum de Stockhom

Exhibitors :shepherd Freemover , Chen Karlsson, Josefine Wiel Fredén, Fagerström & Abrahamsson, Camilla Engdahl ..formforyou®, Frösö Handtryck, to mention some of them.

The coffee places, of course, nordic designed : The Young Design Lounge by Jarl Fernaeus, The Buffet Urban Dining by Geir Oterkjaer y Maria Nordin and The Popup Café by  Saša Antiç and Lo Bjurulf.

” Popup café.” Foto from the Stockholm International Fairs gallery.

Here: Formex Magazine. ..Worthy to visit.


Swedish Design – Camilla Engdahl

Posted by – January 15, 2010

Camilla Engdahl Swedish artist, designer and ceramicist started her business 10 years ago after finishing her education at the HDK School of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg and works these days, open doors, at her workshop, in Skövde, Sweden, creating fantastic colorful functional designs.

Handmade ” Ärla” pot . Photo courtesy Camilla Engdahl.

I love ceramics, design and handicrafts… I’m happy that I have found her works!!

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