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In Helsinki, Textile Craft & Design by Johanna Gullichsen

Posted by – November 24, 2010

Johannna Gullichsen Textil Craft & Design shop, Helsinki,I took the pic in summer…

Take a look at her textile designs and works here, they are just great!



Moomin Mug

Posted by – November 10, 2010

“Love” mug  from the  Moomin Collection of  Arabia Finland.


Moomin products  are as popular now as they were when they were originally created in the 1950s, some of them retain the charm of the original illustrations by Tove Jansson.

I love Moomin mugs.. I have some… so some pics will come …


Helsinki, Happy Designs Shop

Posted by – October 20, 2010

Shop window, Helsinki, Finland

Mushrooms Design

Posted by – October 5, 2010

Vintage Bowl designed by Kaj Frank Arabia/Finel , pattern by Esteri Tomula

I found  great posts on the Nordic Vintage design at   Bloesem blog …. enjoy!


Colorful Street

Posted by – September 10, 2010

Loviisa, Finland

Have a nice weekend!


In Helsinki

Posted by – August 31, 2010

Helsinki, Finland

This last weekend was “The Design Market” in Helsinki, that is one of the most popular events of Helsinki Design Week. Some of the top names of design and fashion sold there:


CostoKirsi Nisonen, Lustwear, Asuna, You Complete Me, VitidesignSelki Fabrik, Surrur Sopiva Shop, Hankala, Arelalizza, Ovelia / Onnela DesignMinna Hepburn, Makia, Lax Creation / St. Vacant Footwear, Kipikude, Lumi Accessories, My O My, CTRL, SUPERYELLOW, Sanna Rinne, Globe HopeGoodis, Camilla Mikama Design, Kakara, KAKSITVÅ, Punainen Norsu, (trad.), Liike, Tiia Vanhatapio

Jewellery, Accessories etc.

Liina Lommi Felt Design, Onneli, Mondaine, Omstart, Noon Knit, EBBA, Pulu DesignNikolai Babitzin, Inni Pärnänen ja Galleria Koru, Terraviiva Moi Design, , Muovo, Nonodd, Pioni Design & Dunder Design,Kookygems,

Furniture, Textiles, Decor etc.

Zarro, Kola Design, Aero, Kauniste Finland, Skanno, Klo Design, Noon KnitEveryday Design, Sysimetsä Design, Verso Design, Kokko sekä Poni Design, Bruun Design, Tonfisk Design, Fokus FabrikLumi Design, Koolmat, ViveroSecto Design, Forme, Tunto Design, Showroom Finland, Vallila, Avarte, Kotonadesign, , KUI Design

Helsinki Design Week 2010

Posted by – August 26, 2010

Helsinki, Finlandia

From 26 Augh to 5 Sept 2010 it takes place in Helsinki  ( that will the World Designt Capital 2012 ) the “”Helsinki Desgin Week“” offering  visitors exhibitions, seminars, workshops, fashion shows and shopping experiences, as well as open days in private homes, public buildings and design studios.

Some of the studios that will be open to the visitors some days are:
Jenni Rope Illustrations, paints, books, drawings….I would really like to visit her studio…
Muovo, Dressing up accessories, useful products for every home, products for pets…
Pentagondesign Designs for everyday needs.
Selkifabrik Hats and scarves designed an d produced  by combining traditional techniques with modern shapes and colors. (They can also design a unique pattern just for you!!).
Secto Design Wooden lamps designed by interior architect Seppo Koho. They are amazing!


Cake with Raspberries

Posted by – August 23, 2010

The blue mug belongs to he collection of Iittala  “Taika” designed by Klaus Haapaniemi (pattern) and Heikki Orvola (form)


For Summer Coffee

Posted by – August 17, 2010



I like  Oiva tableware by  Sami Ruotsalainen and  Maija Louekari for Marimekko.



“Tuhannen Tuskan Kahvila” – Taisto’s sculptures

Posted by – May 11, 2010

And these are some of the great sculptures of Taisto Huttunen placed at the garden of the “café ”


Photos Ruth Landesa. Taisto Huutunen escuptures , Loviisa, Finland.



Markku Salo

Posted by – May 8, 2010

Today I post a couple of pictures of the  glass work of Markku Salo. Finnish glass designer/artist/artisan with and active CV. Designs  among others,  for Iittala, Aarika ,Lundia, member of  Ornamo, Modus and an art gallery in Nuutajärvi, the “village of glass “, residence for a great community of glass designers and artisans.

Photo press Markku Salo’s designes.

Markku Salo´s solo exhibition  “Vientos del Norte” goes to Madrid, Museo de Arte en Vidrio de Alcorcón , MAVA,  from the 3th May  to the 6th of september 2010i. The exhibition is retrospective and will include new works of art from spring 2010, too. The exhibition shows Markku Salo´s 27 year long career as a glass artist.

I you are interested in glass work you can find some interesting links at the .Finnish Glass Museum web page.


“Maja” design to dream

Posted by – April 26, 2010

Today I post a photo of  a design that I love, ” Maja” , by Elina Aalto and Klaus Aalto, both Finnish designers who belong to a group called Fiasko , consisting of 3 designers , and to the independent organization  Imu design representing young Finnish and Helsinki based designers in international exhibitions  and offering fresh ideas from emerging Finnish designers.

Press  photo  of the Muodom Viemää exhibition .

Vintage beige bracelet

Posted by – April 15, 2010

This photo I post today is of a bracelet I  made with wooden beads  hand painted in vintage beige colour (the big ones) and other in different materials recycled from old necklaces. I  hope you like it.

Beige bracelet.

You can see more photos of my jewellery in my web and in my small shop.


Chairs by Finnish designer Jouko Järvisalo

Posted by – April 13, 2010

I post today a couple of pictures of  chairs designed by Finnish designer Jouko Järvisalo,  Chief Designer and Artistic Director of the company Mobel that markets also designs by Pentti Hakala,  Vesa Damski, Teemu Järvi and Heikki Ruoho.

Lanka 2000, chair, stainless steel

Kova 1996-97, chair, solid wood, aircraft plywood, steel
(The first ever Pro Finnish Design award to be awarded for a piece of furniture was received in 1999 by Mobel for the Kova chair designed by Jouko Järvisalo)
Photos from the press  images of the exhibition Muodon Vieman held in Fiskars last sept 2009.

Finnish jewellery designer Inni Pärnänen

Posted by – April 10, 2010

Today I  post a  photo of a silver necklace by  Inni Pänänen jewellery designer who’s web is worth to visit. You will find at her  gallery interesting and beautiful  unique pieces or jewellery  made in small editions  in materials as silver, cows horn, parchment,  copper…. and she has taken almost all the photos.. that are also fantastic!!!!

Photo of a silver necklace  by Inni  Pänänen from the Muodon viemää press .

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